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By: ricktaylorg | September 15, 2017

The increasing technological advancements have brought many roofing materials that are not only affordable but also have a long life. The TPO roofing and the PVC one are quite unconventional the roofing systems still they have gained increasing popularity very soon due to its various advantages.

People often find their selves in a dilemma whether to select the TPO roof or the PVC one. These roofs are more or less similar owning few differences. The below-given details shall provide you with a quick guide that shall help you choose one of them.


Initially, the TPO roofs were designed to remove the drawbacks of the PVC & EPDM roofs and improvise the same. Hence, it is quite evident that they both hold many similarities.

  • Both the roofing materials are made up of thermoplastic material. The single-ply membranes of both the roofs are heat weldable making them more resistant to leaks than the EPDM rubber membranes.  
  • They hold a good number of advantages. Being white in color, it reflects the sun-rays keeping the inner temperature cooler.
  • The materials are resistant to heat and the ultraviolet rays that make them most suitable for the areas where heat is a major concern.
  • The method of installation of both the roofing system is quite similar. It requires the same kind of equipment and procedure for the installation.
  • It shares the benefits such as resistant to chemical, grease or oil. Despite being manufactured of the thermoplastic material, they are puncture resistant and can be easily repaired.

Which one should you select?

Both the PVC and the TPO are good roofing options. However, the material cost of the TPO roofing is lower than that of PVC as the PVC membranes are more expensive. If you are looking for a less expensive option than you must opt for the TPO one.

Moreover, the TPO roofs are designed in such a way that it tries to remove the disadvantages of the PVC roofs making it more beneficial for the users.

Nonetheless, you should always consider the recommendations of your roofer and then only select your roofing material. Also, make sure to consult the best service provider such as to get the best roofing installation.



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